Hanbok Moratorium #1 – FTBW KLTV

Posted in Fitbow, Korea by Dada Gum on November 27, 2013

Hanbok Moratorium #1

Hanbok Moratorium is a design initiative within FTBW KLTV’s ‘Korean Clothes’ project. The goal is to transform traditional Hanbok into a modern and stylish clothing and also to reach out younger generations who do not wear Hanbok nowadays except on some special occasions. Collaboration with various artists and artisans will soon follow. Stay tuned.

The Korean Traditional Folk Kite
The Korean traditional folk kite, the bang-pae yeon is a rectangular, bowed “shield” kite with a hole in the middle of the sail. The frame uses five bamboo spars—one each across the top and the ‘waist’ of the kite, a ‘spine’, and two diagonals.

Filming and Editing
Sungha Kim

Kitai Rhee (Master Artisan of Traditional Korean Kite)

Bang-pae yeon Durumagi (Korean Sheild Kite Topcoat)

Kibongsan Kite

Bukchon, Seoul

Creative Advisor : Dada Gum
Photography : Daehan Kim
Web/Graphic Design : Joohyun Lee
Operation Management : Wonjoon Chung

Sanghoon Kim
Hyuntaek Lee
Kwangwoo Kim
Joonghyun Lee

Music by Falcon By Design – Blunted Lapdance
Song produced by Maker & Joe Beats, published by (P) Fieldwerk Recordings 2003.
Song Download:

For more information, visit

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